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Our Services

Organising & bespoke cleans

A clean home will feel well-cared  for, which is important not only for your own

mental health but to a buyer it will give the impression of feeling fresh and welcoming.

First impressions are so important ,

no pet smells or cobwebs etc. 

Decluttering is so important!

We can offer a service to assist you.

Clutter is distracting to buyers, their eyes will be drawn to your belongings and not the rooms which will  look smaller and untidy. Nearly all of us have too much "stuff" which has been accumulated over years if ot decades! It's important for buyers to envisage themselves living in the property. 

             Whether it's a spring clean, preparing to rent, air bnb, or  looking to sell your home.

Let us chat about your needs and quote for any help or work you require.

Declutter rooms

  1. Put items into storage if necessary.
  2. Invest in suitable storage , making rooms feel organised and neat.

Professional clean

  1. Floors, walls, furniture , carpets etc.
  2. Check for any maintenance needed
  3. Remove or store worn, old or stained items.

Organise cupboards

  1. All storage areas to be neat and tidy.
  2. Cupboards that may be opened need to be clean and tidy.

Our bespoke service can include:

  1. A Free appraisal 
  2.    2.A declutter                                                
  3. Organising specific areas/cupboards  
  4. A professional clean ,  Accessorising
  5. Advice on sourcing, maintenance  &              decorating            
  6. Curb appeal
  7. Landscaping    

     8. Room layouts and furniture

        We pride ourselves on adding

         value and interest to your


                      contact us for a

                      free no obligation

               appraisal and quotation.